Battles @ Brighton Music Hall, Boston 4/26/11

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Our good friend Adam Marcinek has been hounding me to stay caught up with the rest of the live music world happening on the internet these days. You’ve undoubtedly noticed a heavy radio silence around here with intermittent snippets of insight here and there, but it’s still nowhere close to how we want to be churning out quality content in the near future. Stay tuned, but ahead of that, stay caught up with Adam and I.

“Caught up on what?” you ask? Well, Battles is back on the road to support their new album, Glass Drop, and last night was the band’s first state-side performance since the album’s release. Adam was there to capture the action so read on for the rest of his shots, and I’ll be catching them at a sold-out Bottom of the Hill performance just next week (the day before I head out to New Orleans for Jazz Fest).

If you want a taste of that signature sound that comes off so much better on the new album than it’s ever sounded, check out this short clip we got…


  • Guy Forget

    Those are excellent photos – thanks a lot for capturing it. Justin, you’re in for a fucking treat. I saw the NYC show tonight at Le Poisson Rouge, and it was really a night that demands superlatives. The new stuff was so good that I don’t think they played anything from Mirrored, and I was glad they didn’t. It’s dance-prog – it sounds like what Robert Fripp’s League of Gentlemen project would be like if you multiplied it by itself. These guys are really just bringing their music to a whole new level.

    • Adam marcinek

      Thanks for the compliment Guy, and I agree with everything you said!

    • Justin Ward

      Dance-prog…a perfectly apt way to describe these guys. I can’t wait. :)

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