Quick Phish update on this Tuesday evening…the ocelot is slipping out of the bag regarding the band’s much anticipated 2011 Summer Tour.

Earlier today, we got the most “official” word so far as The Riverbend Music Center in Ohio updated their events page and listed Phish as performing on Sunday June 5th. It has since been removed but not before a public onsale of March 12th was listed and devoured by the Phish community. Here’s a screengrab of the page before it was taken down (via @ohkeepahblog)…

With knowledge of the Riverbend public onsale, we can use some logic and guesswork on how the rest of the tour dates are going to make their way out. Phish should make the official announcement early next week, hopefully with another promo video, with Phish Tickets By Mail (PTBM) starting immediately and most likely ending around March 4th. That would allow PTBM notifications to be sent out the following week (by March 8th or so) in time for the public onsale.

The band last performed at the Riverbend Music Center on September 20, 2000 concocting a jam out of “It’s Ice” that hasn’t been heard from since…

Other rumors from the web that could have long legs: Camden 6/10, No Hampton and no West Coast dates ’til the second leg of Summer/August.

  • Distrass

    I’d really like it if they played Electric Forest…. Maybe we are all wrong about Watkins?!?!?!?!!? Afterall, Rothbury seems like a special place for them as it was the fest that they started playing again together