Phish Friday: Bouncing Like a Newborn Elf

Photo by Dave Vann, .com

Another week in autumn has passed and sure enough, beginning in Charleston (and especially last Saturday to these ears), has shifted gears in a forward

From most first-hand friend accounts, and even those who followed on Couch Tour, the band is getting fans talking for the right reasons. No longer is the chatter of the “when the next TTE will hit” variety. Those are now being substituted (and rightfully so) for “Was that really a full band ‘FYF’ tease in Mikes?” As one of my pals said “This is one of the reasons is one of the greatest bands, because we can have discussions like these.” These discussions are happening with more vigor lately.

With GuyUtica behind us, it feels as though is building and building to a complete throwdown on Halloween in Atlantic City, maybe even sooner. No one is sure what’s going to happen next and that’s just the way we like it.

“New Rules” for Fall Tour so far?

(Politically Incorrect w/ Bill Maher style)

  1. Sand – added once again to the regular rotation? It has now come out to play four times in 2010 after only seeing the light once in 2003 and just twice last year after Hampton.
  2. Hydrogen – With Augusta’s Mike’s Groove in the bag, Hydrogen is on official red alert. It’s gone missing and was last seen in Telluride, CO.
  3. Tela – Although it still eludes me, this has been slowly integrated back after it’s bustout status… showing up on Summer tour and now Fall tour early enough to be played again. To say we could get a 4th Tela this year would have gotten you laughed at ten years ago.
  4. Older songs have new energy – David Bowie, Harry Hood, Mike’s Grooves, Reba, Slave, 2001, Guyute(ica). These songs have all been given some treatment. The Reba encore from Augusta will most likely appear on Best of the Year lists.
  5. Halloween – the rumors aren’t landing on any solid ground, with just seven days before most make their way to Atlantic City. In some ways it leads me to believe that the early King Crimson Larks’ Tongues in Aspic talk is more of an internet decoy than anything. Trey did mention “the” supposed album in an 03′ Relix Magazine but I’ve heard in a few different places that a horn section or horn player is involved in the performance. Neither one really gives enough info for solid speculation. A Frank Zappa album would benefit greatly from horns, but so would a lot of albums. Just a shot in the ‘Halloween’ dark for now.
  6. Will cover the new milk inspired, “Calci-Yum” tune?

Have a great weekend, and if your going to Providence and Amherst, buckle up…I’ll see you in Manchvegas on the way to Atlantic City!

Stats from Mr. ZZYZX’s Phish Stats

Bonus video before tonight’s show: