10/15 & 10/16 - Poster by Ames Bros © Phish 2010.

A few quick updates on this Phriday because show time is upon us!

First up, The Phish from Vermont tackle the only southern portion of this brief fall tour @ North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, SC this evening. After the mixed results in Broomfield, this Friday/Saturday combo of shows could and should provide a great setup for the final nine Northeast shows. Over @phishnet, some fans have started a campaign on Twitter to #continuethemeatstick. When the lights go out, start the chorus…

Second, this great video interview of Trey Anastasio discussing being a musician (and glowstick wars of all things) just dropped on the net. I’ve heard this is part of few interviews for an upcoming film entitled, MUSIC. A very worthy watch.

Third, we can’t go too long in a Phish piece without referencing Halloween. Coming off Trey’s recent comments in LA Times that they band is definitely practicing for a musical costume, our friends over @dogoneblog highlighted an interesting excerpt from a 2004 Jan/Dec Issue of Relix Magazine. In the past, Trey’s choices have been Brian Eno’s Another Green World & Bob Dylan & The Band Basement Tapes. Hmmmm…

Lights go down any minute, and the crowd is already singing “Meatstick.” COUCH TOUR 2010!

  • PLEASE redeem your ticket barcodes for free downloads at LivePhish.com. People, if we want them to keep providing us with free downloads, we have to support the initiative. All they are asking is to redeem your code and get the mp3 download for free. I would love to see this continue but we have to all get behind it. Thanks people.