Watch: Phish @ Austin City Limits Festival Live on iClips Tonight!

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Last night during the Phish set at Austin City Limits Festival, there was a ton of chatter about getting their set rebroadcast on to fill in one of the main TBA slots that was still listed on their schedule. I didn’t think it would happen, but Phish approved it and their set will be broadcast tonight at 9:30pm CST. iClips posted the news right when they got it.

Awesome. I’ll be trying to tune in an hour early to catch the LCD Soundsystem set.

Austin City Limits 2010 – Live broadcast! –

  • Marc Whitman

    obviously, this is awesome for a variety of reasons, but let’s remember that it completely disproves this whole idea that they “can’t legally” do webcasts. Not saying “i told you so” but I def. called b.s. on that one when it first surfaced, as I knew it was about the illegal streamers (like Hoodstream). Clearly, Phish can do their own webcasts (including cover songs).