the which stage during the heat of saturday @ bonnaroo 2010 | photo by Eric Tsurumoto

I’ve been thinking more and more that I may find my way back to Bonnaroo some time in the near future, perhaps as early as next year depending on what type of lineup we could see announced in the coming months. The rumors will start flying pretty soon, and Ashley Capps from Bonnaroo’s organization was recently quoted as saying that they already have more than they can fit in at the festival in terms of headlining talent. That’s always promising to hear, but we already knew that. The farm in Manchester, TN attracts any artist these days, especially anyone that wants to break through and out of their scene of relative obscurity to a world of mainstream-ish headlining slots at music festivals. That’s what brings the big bucks these days for the artists and keeps bringing people out to the festivals to catch up and coming artists…

But the headliners are the ones that attract the attention. As for who may be donning the sacred headliner (and late-night) slots, I assume it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Nobody’s really got anything solid, but predictions can run wild with abandon with news that Daft Punk may be getting back out on the road for a massive 2011-2012 world tour, or with logical assumptions like Kings of Leon releasing a new album at the end of the year; these two bands would be the icing on a massive festival cake that regularly kills it year in and year out. Plus, this being the 10th year the festival will be operating, we see no reason not to think big as to who they’d be courting.

Here’s the story from the Nashville Examiner:

In other news, Bonnaroo founder and president Ashley Capps was one of two festival promoters on hand at the Americana Conference today to answer questions about the use of festivals as promotional tools for young artists. Capps stated that some of the Bonnaroo 2011 lineup is already set and shrugged off a question about running out of headliners by stating “we have several places we’re looking at going in 2011 and, honestly, there’s more there already than we can fit in.” This seems to bode well for fans of Bonnaroo as Capps sounded confident that he could continue to find high quality talent. Both Capps and co-presenter Chris Frayer mentioned 2010 performers Mumford and Sons as examples of a largely unheralded act that generated a lot of buzz on a strong Bonnaroo set. A panelist also mentioned My Morning Jacket as an act that was developed largely through Bonnaroo word of mouth, to which Capps replied “My Morning Jacket was extremely well developed when we got them.”

[via CoS]

Speaking of Bonnaroo, Baeblemusic just put up a great look at last year’s festival that’s well worth a 25 minute chill-out session at the end of your Friday work day.

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  • eric tsurumoto

    come with me this year!!!! we can cover it together!

    • Justin Ward

      Tempting. But I also melt easily.

  • Chris

    I’d freak out if Daft Punk went on a world tour and played Bonnaroo. I really hope they do, and if 2011 lineup is anything like 2010, I’d be throughly happy. :)

  • Anonymous

    They always seem to have some older group in the headlining section…I would love to see Led Zeppelin, I mean come on is there really any full band bigger with majority members still alive? Plus Robert has already played Roo with Allison Krauss so he might be more inclined to do it and I know Jimmy would love to get back together… Maybe Pink Floyd…HELL BOTH!

    • Utksteve

      john paul jones has been there also all they would have to do is convince jimmy and I think Jack White could do that easily.

  • Mitch

    its only a matter of time before RATM headlines Bonnaroo…doing one off shows at the worlds most popular and biggest music festivals

    I think RATM at Bonnaroo 2011 or 2012

  • Ariellaskmusic

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