Sights & Sounds: Phish – Coral Sky DVD (MP3/Video)

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Phish has officially announced a live DVD and audio remaster called Coral Sky, featuring the band’s full concert from Ampitheater in West Palm Beach, FL on November 2, 1996 concert. We can’t wait to get our hands on the official release, and ahead of that we have some previews from the release to share with all of you. Yes, officially sanctioned ’s and video clips. This is exactly how you get your fans pumped up for a release…

First up, we’ve got an early first set “Julius” which is a particularly energetic version and something to get us excited for the old school footage.

Phish – “Julius” from Coral Sky DVD [livemusicblog on YouTube]

Then we get an audio preview from “Stash” coming after a “Cavern” segue.

Phish – “Stash” [mp3]

I’ve still never heard this infamous “Crosseyed > Antelope” opener on 11/2/96, so that’ll be the first thing I cue up from the AUD version while this snippet from the soundboard whets my whistle.

Phish – “Run Like An Antelope” [mp3]

Update: officially added the “Antelope” video to the media mix…