I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

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  • domingo

    If Phish is so good. Then why NO ONE outside the US listen to them. They have big crowd but it’s always the same people following like sheep. i know this guy who brags about the many hundreds of Phish show he saw. He’s 42 years old and spends all his money following a band. WTF??? Grow up. I’m obviously not open minded enough to like them. I heard them doing a Zeppelin song once. I love Zeppelin and that was the most horrible version I’ve ever heard.

    • Prince

      You are right. Phish fans are always bragging about the fact they play in front of huge crowds. Always the same idiots following them around like sheep.

    • babewhohatephish

      Phish suck

      • Phishlove

        you suck!

    • fractal

      I’m Canadian. Phish? who the hell is Phish? never heard of them.

    • Phishlove

      Phish are much better musicians then Led Zeppelin you idiot.

    • Chris

      Phish sold out in Europe and when they played Japan they headlined Fugi Rocks music festival and the festival actually had a stage specifically for Phish setup the entire weekend…. Next

  • Edward Hays

    This is funny as hell, first off, but saying “Phish sucks” is like saying Salvador Dali sucks because you prefer Norman Rockwell. Norman is great, for that one style. But guess what? Dali did all styles and just because you don’t like melting clocks does’t make him a bad artist or mean he couldn’t paint like Norman, or whoever else. Phish haters remind me of republicans. They hate just because they want to, and its usually due to a perception of the fans they have instead of the substance. I’m a musician, and I care about quality, not what’s catchy and easy to dance to. They say we waste our money on watching them noodle and practice…. ha! that’s what we want. We pay for the improv. We’d be bored to death if it was the same show every night. That’s what they do. If I see the Police, yes, I want the songs to sound like the radio version I grew up with, but when I see Phish, I want them to noodle, then find a good jam, mess with it, and take it from there. If you claim to be a musician and don’t appreciate tension and release during the instrumental segments of songs, then you may be a robot.

  • Todd Mortl

    And they’re laughing all the way to the bank….

  • Scott

    Really? Someone took the time to make this? It must be a deep hatred of Phish or a total insecurity with their own music. I just checked out NVO’s demo songs. Sounds like a 5th grader made them on his computer. Not a lot of musicianship there. You are one to talk dude.

    • Mark

      “Shreds” was a trend on youtube. This is one of hundreds of videos like it. They targeted Phish, Rolling Stones, Creed, Metallica…there’s even some of full orchestras. The point isn’t to trash Phish, or any other musician. It’s just being silly, is all. I love Phish. They’re improvisational masters. This video is also hilarious.

  • Nick Cassidy

    Musicality has little to do with technical skill or years of study. When the two coincide then the result can be magical, but there is a lot of atonal garbage played by people who have studied for years. I feel perfectly at liberty to think that Phish isn’t for me without becoming concerned that I might be short of a few brain cells. Everyone else is free to have their own opinions but please don’t turn into a troll just because you don’t agree with someone.

  • Mike Santoro

    brilliant. you sir are a genius.

  • PhistPhucker

    When a band quits touring because they can’t stand their own fan base, that should tell you something. Liking or disliking a band has nothing to do with intelligence. I don’t like Phish, but more importantly I can’t stand their fans who act like Trey Anastasio is the most important musician ever. I respect and recognize their talent, but I don’t like their music. It either hits you or it doesn’t. And Phish doesn’t do it for me. Does this make me less of a person? Not at all. And anyone who acts smarter or better for liking a a certain band really needs to question their own mental state.

  • Perrito Del Mar

    You know, as humans we get so butt-hurt when people don’t “get it” or like what we like. Many times we really groove on things because they remind us of experiences we’ve had. Since everyone leads different lives our tastes are all going to be wildly different. Shit, I’m happy when just one damn person is in synch with me. Phish is a really fun jam band.. I don’t like all their stuff but a lot of it… you don’t like them? no big deal. Here have a beer. This is a funny ass video.

  • FishyFish

    Last time I checked, Phish was a jam band that you enjoyed when you were high out of your fucking mind. Being fucked up on some drug is slightly different than being intelligent. One might argue that being fucked up on drugs is actually just fucking stupid, or the opposite of intelligence. So why is “intelligence” somehow a prerequisite for liking Phish now? So if I go read a bunch of books, study music theory, get a couple of degrees, then listen to Phish, then I’ll have a musical revelation?! Oh, NOW I get it, yeah I like this music now that I’m intelligent. Also, these shred videos are for entertainment. Can’t we all just laugh at this and move on with our lives?

    • Bob DeGrande

      I’m not particularly a Phish fan, I think they’re good enough musicians but I have never liked the songwriting, particularly the lyrics. Most of the things I like about them are not really related to their music, the way they vary their set lists, the covers of entire albums on Halloween, etc.

      And, no, liking or not liking a band does not make you intelligent or stupid. Claiming that you have to be high to enjoy a particular band, now THAT is stupid.

    • Justin Schuster

      Not the listening to Phish that deems you intelligent it’s understanding phish and what they stand for.

  • Ladybug

    The best part of this video is the comments!

    • Ian Collins

      Damn right!

  • Doug Stanhope

    “You gonna take my fractals with the water bass?! Common kids, what’s your bass water was to be. Errrrrr eh. Ralf, I could, after the facts, stash whites in bebop poop. Punk dwarf!” That’s deep shit right there.

  • Bill Lundgren

    It makes sense that people lack the patience for Phish in today’s instant-gratification culture. Yes, they meander and noodle through their modes and polyrhythms, but they’re definitely not a “bad” band. Most bands/groups/ensembles never attain the cohesion or communication anywhere near Phish. I do think their music is long and meandering and in some ways, the spirit of that approach serves the sheer purpose of “weeding out” those listeners disinclined to understand. Phish are boundlessly inspired and creative, something vastly lacking in almost all varieties of popular music. If you want “intelligent” music, it’s Bach, Stravinsky or Brahms you’re looking for, not a pop song with lyrics insightful as a meme. Phish’s lyrics often are gibberish, sometimes to make that exact point; then, with no warning, a lyric couplet with devastatingly potent meaning wallops you right between the eyes. No, they’re not songwriters in the conventional sense, but they are brilliant, more so than even many of their fans realize.

  • davehamilton

    Am I the only one who immediately realized they were playing “Chalk Dust Torture” upon viewing this? What does that say about me? ;)

  • Diana Rosalind Trimble

    Reading the comments below reminds me that it is truly amazing how many people are completely unable to comprehend the validity of differences in taste and that it’s actually OK that someone else loves something you hate or vice versa. Don’t you people understand that EVERYONE thinks s/he has excellent taste? It matters not whether you have a high or low IQ, went to the best university in the world or grew up illiterate at the bottom of a ditch in a slum; some music will speak to you and some just won’t. A person who likes something you’ve decided is utter crap is not, therefore, necessarily less intelligent than you nor is their opinion categorically less valid. I personally think I have impeccable and far-reaching musical taste. Also I don’t like Phish. But rather than saying they “are” total crap, I prefer to say “I don’t get it”. And finally, picking on people’s punctuation and spelling, which could easily be typos, when you disagree with their opinion is the domain of total fucking losers who have no other way of defending their views. Or rather, I mean: in my opinion.

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  • Mr motor

    Phish has some ok songs. Chalk dust torture comes to mind. I am a musician and have been playing for all my life. For the most part they are a jam band but can play well I just cannot stand most am bands because they sound like they want to be the Grateful Dead. What do these bands both have in common for me? When they wrote songs I enjoyed them, when they jack off on stage musically for hours I think they suck. My opinion, you don’t have to like it

  • Ron Braun

    The only one with any talent is the drummer…he’s awesome. On a more positive note, it IS really hard to play this badly.

  • Kevin

    I don’t really think this is funny. And I don’t even really like Phish.

  • Mack

    What the hell is a PHISH in music. In the cyber world it’s an email that tries to trick someone to click on it……..

    • Justin Schuster

      It is the drummer’s last name shortened from Jon Fishman to Phish. Because the drummer is the backbone of the whole band.

  • daysleeperchuk

    This might be their best song… JK I love a lot of Phish, not ALL of Phish, that shit gets silly.