I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

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  • thatvideowaslame

    what phish sounds like to people who can’t hear music.

  • westlafadeaway

  • Jeff Goodman

    I’m laughing at these comments…

    Non-Fan: “I don’t like Phish because…”

    Phish Fan: “You aren’t intelligent enough…”

    Cause it I’m not smart if I don’t like the exact same things you do? No, you’re just an asshole.

    • james

      actually if you dont understand why other people like something it is due to a lack of intelligence, in a sense, if you have an understanding of everything, you also have the capacity to like everything… as well as hate, so yeah if you can only see one side of ANYTHING, it is due to a lack of intelligence

      • Matt Maddalena

        Nah, that’s over thinking it all… You don’t have to like something, or hate something just because you understand it. Nor do you have to understand it to know you don’t like it. It’s just personal preference. It’s really that simple.

        • Justin Schuster

          I agree with your comment so Then just say you don’t like it. Don’t say that the band isn’t any good. Cause they are better than many bands that sold 1 million records could ever be.

          • BlissfullyDumb

            Everyone knows a G(or g) Major is relative to the pentatonic third note in the sustained 7th C#-bSharp, only if the chord contains a Dminor 7th, or (this is the obvious part), that said G (again, or g) is part of a minor 3rd reverse scale, where accentuating the C# is duly fretted with a slight bend of the F. Still it a depends on the tuning of the G to access the entire pentatonic scale with you thumb. Where has music theory and knowledge gone? Of course I am leaving out the “genetic/intelligent” garbage to the superior artists [sic] on this thread.

      • michael1968

        I listened. They suck. The End.

        • Sybin

          you are either genetically incapable of understanding good music or haven’t taken the time to develop an understanding of the art of music, just like an illiterate adult cannot appreciate Dostoevsky…btw whats the fifth chord in the key of g minor???

          • Liberty Defender

            Sybin, to claim one is better than another citing genetics, long winded Authors, and music theory, might be immature, delusional, or both.

          • Guitar weilder

            There is no key of g minor. G minor is the 5th in the key of C major. But, to the guy who claims Phish sucks clearly is not a musician, and has no clue about skill levels. Just try to ask the average musician to play YEM on the guitar. Took me years to learn, and if I don’t practice it, I forget how to play it within months.

          • Poop PAnts

            there is a key of G minor bro. In fact, there are many different G minor scales that are in the key of g minor

          • Igor Fokeev

            I’m a musician… I dont like phish, well, to be fair, if I’m rolling my balls off then they aren’t bad, but otherwise… no thanks.

            It’s not about intelligence or musicianship, its about individualism. Not everybody can like everything. I can play you a punk song containing more meaning in its lyrics than anything phish ever produced combined, and you still probably wouldnt like it. Does it mean you are not intelligent? No. Just means you have different taste in music.

            Anybody who thinks it takes ‘intellegance’ to enjoy phish is not very intelligent.

          • Daniel Wafford

            I agree, I mean phish shows are fun but will phish be acclaimed like other bands, no. They are jam bands, play the same 20 mediocre songs for their entire career. They change one verse and the hippy crowd goes ape shit.

          • mmmm…chocolate

            Actually, Phish has a catalog of hundreds of songs to choose from, originals and covers. So try again.

          • Ryan Hazel

            you sir have no idea what you are talking about. Phish just played 4 nights in MSG without repeating one song, all originals. Phish has over 200 original songs. You should research before talking trash fool. You probably like Eminem don’t you? thats art!

          • carlos Javier

            Why is eminem not art? doesn’t his music inspire emotional response? Art is not only the things you like.

          • Jared

            Man, you really have NO idea what you’re talking about. I can’t speak for the other “jam” bands… whatever that means, because I don’t listen to them. But Phish, has a repertoire of HUNDREDS of songs that they play and have NEVER played the same set list in 30 years. That’s what’s so great about them. Some of my other favorite bands, like Tool, I don’t need to go but to one show a tour. Maybe two if they’re close. But, they play the same set list the whole tour with the exception of one or two songs that alternate every other night. Not Phish. The whole reason you follow them for show after show is because you have no idea what they’re going to play and each time they play that song… it’s like a whole new song. Sure, there’s the composed part in the beginning and end but the middle is a jam that no one has heard before or will ever heard again… including the band.

          • aquabuddha

            Hundreds of songs yet it all sounds like the same noodling jackoff bullshit-they’re a bad combo of the Dead and Zappa and nowhere near as good as either. They jumped the shark in the 90s and their fans are a bunch of braindead lemmings. And if I wanna hear a band play lame covers I’ll go to any local bar.

          • Jared

            You know so little of what you’re talking about. Firstly, they have a catalogue of over 300 songs that they play and they’ve never repeated a set. Ever. It’s completely different every single night. Secondly, they don’t “change one verse.” The verses actually stay the same, pretty much, with the exception of maybe being sped up or slowed down or different tones from the instruments, etc… What they do, however, is jam during the middle of songs and segue into other songs. You don’t have to like Phish. You can have your opinion, obviously. But you should at least be accurate in your criticisms so you don’t sound like a close minded dick.

          • Ryan Hazel

            phish isn’t about profound lyrics. thats what makes them great. you want lyrics read a poem. Music is notes not words.

          • Igor Fokeev

            Actually music is not only about ‘notes’. Music is art… art is self expression.

            You completely missed my point, I was replying to somebody else’s comment (which was suggesting all phish fans are intelligent… which is clearly not true) and not knocking phish.

          • Ryan Hazel

            Phish fans are also the only fanbase I know of that criticizes their favorite band every night saying how bad this or that was like its a food review, but continues to go to every show?! So if you’ve got the fan base figured out let me know cause it’s quite a crowd

          • Igor Fokeev

            Guess you’ve never met any 311 fans… or any Metallica fans… or any NOFX fans… or any disco biscuits fans… etc…

          • Ryan Hazel

            I was actually talking shit about the phish phans.

          • Joe Cariola

            This is a very difficult concept for people to grasp. I’m not sure why, but the evidence shows it clearly is.

          • yallsostoopid .

            If you don’t like Phish you’re not a musician? Ray Charles loved Phish? James Brown loved Phish? Beethoven and Mozart would have loved Phish? What is this garbage? Most of the music majors I know, people that are musicians, hate Phish.

          • themisterlister

            James Brown penned several letters about his love for Phish, have you really read none of them?

            Like every book about Phis contains at least one of these, you illiterate monster

          • Daniel Wafford

            Do you like Ween? Much can be said about Ween also

          • carmen22

            Sure, but I love Ween because they have an incredible sense of humor and irony and are super talented, and they aren’t taking themselves too seriously ( In live concert they too jam out, but never for more than a few minutes, which I appreciate, and it goes hard.

          • Ryan Hazel

            No but phish has a lot of influences from all of those people.

          • FlSam

            Dude, the G chord is the major 5 chord of C major, it’s NOT a minor chord. A minor g chord would be the 5th chord of the key of c natural MINOR, not C major. There is no key of g minor? lololol!!!! You clearly have some HUGE holes in your knowledge of music theory.

          • twelveplusplus

            i’m scared

          • Justin Schuster

            You have holes in your music theory. I am playing in the key of g minor right now. The fifth chord is d major. In the key of c the g chord major is the fifth chord. but that doesn’t mean that D major isn’t the fifth chord for G minor. What is so hard to understand.

          • Jim Brothers

            You should just listen to Rush and try to play their music. What is a phish?

          • Jared

            Phish’s music is far more complex than Rush’s. That doesn’t make it better. I like Phish better, though.You take the ridiculous drumming out of Rush and it’s not all that crazy. I really like Rush. Alex Lifeson is one of my favorite guitar players, but I learned all of his great solos within my first few years of playing. I still can’t tackle a bit of Trey’s catalog.

          • Chris

            As a drummer I can attest that it is in fact much easier to play Rush drums than Phish drums.

          • Nick Rossi

            And clearly, the guy who thinks “hard to play” is the same thing as “good music” doesn’t have a clue about art.

          • Ryan Hazel

            Phish has some amazing compositions… written like classical fugues… however they have a plethora of songs that are actually quite simply written, it is within how they play the song and arrange it between the 4 pieces that makes it an art

          • Igor Fokeev

            We get it, you think phish is the best band ever and anybody who doesn’t like them is a moron and doesn’t understand music.

          • Ryan Hazel

            No I just think they are a person that doesn’t understand phish. It’s a band they are not for everyone. I just think it’s bs to be bashing them. They are acclaimed artists and are known world wide. They composed musicals and have worked with dozens of different projects, and have built a gigantic following that travels everywhere to see them… So why you may not like what is my favorite band sir… I don’t remember going on to a page of a video of a band you like and bashing them!? So even if you wanna burn the albums… You heard of them. I just don’t feel there’s any reason to bash them, and people on here saying this or that clearly aren’t educated on what phish does or is about, that’s all, not that they are dumb or less musical than anyone else. Although any true musician I have ever talked to can at least aknowledge the musical talent of those 4 gentleman

          • Igor Fokeev

            Where was I bashing them? Where did I say the we’re poor musicians?

            FYI, I’ve seen them many times… and in case you missed it, this is a satire piece shared mostly by Phish fans.

            Looks like you have no sense of humor.

          • Ryan Hazel

            I wasn’t saying you did… Sorry for not making that clear, there were some other posts about their music, and I could care less who likes who but talent is talent. I saw this video posted from phish fans. It’s hilarious. It’s kind of our way of making fun of people that don’t get it. Jazz in general. Not just phish or jam, but music that written differently in general. So love to all, wasn’t attacking you brother…. Anywho… Check these guys out: they have a little something for everyone I think –

          • Justin C.

            I don’t think anyone here has said Phish’s music isn’t art. That being said, while I’m not an avid fan of his, I saw where you trashed Eminem in an earlier comment. I would say genre for genre, Eminem is just as talented as Phish. His lyrical arrangements are more clever than I think you realize.

          • Jeff Jefferson

            and I agree.

          • truemoboy

            No key of g minor?? WTF are you talking about? Do you even know music theory you moron?

          • Zooter

            He does. He also understands capital letters.

          • Jneals

            this is getting sillier as it does on. you may be accomplished, how can you say there is no key of g minor. D minor has one flat, gminor has two flats, cminor has three… and so on. this is all such nonsense

          • mmmm…chocolate

            g minor is not the 5th in the key of C major. There is no b-flat in C major.

          • Jessica Alexander-Stern

            There is no key of G minor??? What are you talking about?? There sure is…it’s the relative minor of B♭Major

          • NSD2327

            you’re the reason people cant stand Phish fans.

          • Joe Cariola

            Yuuuuuuuuup. I don’t like Phish because I don’t like the music they play. It’s not that they aren’t talented. It’s just not my preference. Listen to what you love…There is a ton of music out there.

          • Zooter

            There is no “fifth chord in the key of g minor,” no matter how many question marks you use. Where’d you learn music theory?

          • Brian

            Wait…what? The 5th chord of the g minor key is D Major…what the heck are you talking about?

            g minor is the relative minor key to Bflat Major, which includes two flats in the key…the b and the e.


          • FlSam

            Also, the D fifth chord of g minor is a major chord because of the use of the harmonic minor scale. Otherwise it would be a minor 5th chord, lol….

          • mmmm…chocolate

            Actually, the V chord is most always a major chord because the F# is a leading tone back into g minor.

          • Michael Miller

            how about this b-flat is relative major of g minor. count 3 from b flat to get d ( phyrigian) count 5 from g to get….. you guessed the same note d (phyrigian)

          • Michael Miller

            not if your talking about the diatonic scale which has nothing to do with the harmonic minor scale he said fifth chord in g minor scale. which unless otherwise specified as either dorian or phyrigian minor scale pertains to the aeolian (natural minor) scale which in this case would be d minor phyrigian ….not that hard to count on ones hand here people

          • Zooter

            Oh – did you mean a “V chord?” Yes, that would be a D Major triad.
            Or maybe you meant a “v chord” – that’s D minor.
            But “fifth chord in the key of g minor” means nothing. A “fifth chord,” as you certainly know, is a chord with no third (and usually no notes beside the root and the 5th).

            Terminology has nothing to do with acumen, of course. For all I know, Sybin is a virtuoso. But his terminology is off. Yours, too.

            Back to school, Brian.

          • truemoboy

            No you dumbass, the fifth chord in the key of g minor means the fifth when you’re playing in g minor. Do you not know a basic I IV V and shit?

          • Zooter

            D Minor is the “five chord,” not the
            “fifth chord.”

            Do you not know you’re also supposed to capitalize the chord letter? And shit?

          • Dudestuff

            Change your tone Zooter. You’re priding yourself in knowing the power chord. We all know what a fifth chord is. We were expecting to be engaging in someone who didn’t take pride in those things. Learn modesty before talking shit on a website about the difference between a V or v chord and something pertaining to korn chord progressions. thx.

          • Michael Miller

            you guys have trickled into the musician jargon universe. if you are writing a paper on music theory then context is always in question pretty sure in this case five chord of g minor is d minor. but in a playing situation if we are in g minor and the next chord says V i am probably going to think f flat all about context and how each musician learned basic theory (which is what this discussion is). we have 5 fingers (which would be just enough fingers to resolve this argument with out the use of social media) use them to count before you start slandering other peoples music theory knowledge btw i play in a jam band and am totally on the fence about phish

          • Pink Freud

            The best part of this post was the two periods Just out of curiosity, What made you decide on those two places for them?

          • Pink Freud

            Yes, I see the irony in my post. Would it be such a problem for them to let you edit these things?

          • Michael Miller

            try again its d minor (phyrigian)

          • Justin Schuster

            There is fifth in every key you ingrate. The fifth chord in the key of g minor is d minor. The fifth chord in a major is e major. Where did o take music theory. It just proves Sybin’s theory that your not intelligent enough to understand what’s happening. You need to take music theory again, then again and then again cause your shot dude.

          • Christina Jenks

            Please, God, the 8 commenters above this watch this clip (or at least from 2:00 on) from Trey Parker’s “Cannibal! The Musical” as a token of my appreciation for the entertainment you just provided me. Kudos in earnest on remembering all that shit from music theory, I sure as hell don’t.

          • Eric Rust

            *You’re… tip: When insulting another persons intelligence try to use better grammar.

          • Michael Miller

            immmmm the 5th chord in g minor scale is d minor ( other wise known as the phyrigian mode) where did you learn music theory? lol

          • Jim Brothers

            A jam for 45 minutes?? Boring. I am a musician. They are not working the crowd. The crowd is working the band. Unless I was heavily sedated on drugs, this would get old fast. I like jazz, but this is tooooooo repetitive.

          • Justin Schuster

            Your just stuck in the mindset that a 3:39 second song is the process and nothing else. You are scared of this new thing that you don’t understand. You are failing to take into account that this is a live venue and you have to fill a five hour slot with music. If phish played a 5 min song every time and then stopped the fans would leave. They strategically put a few songs together that are similar in keys or a part of the circle of fifths and connect them together making a 45 mini-set that has one basic jam theme that they use to bridge each song together throughout the mini-set. It doesn’t give you time to lose the momentum of the crowd and it keeps them mesmerized. Again I’m with Sybin. Intelligence reigns here.

          • gawd

            If Phish fans were intelligent… they wouldn’t listen to Phish…

          • Joe Cariola

            Or, you know…They just might not enjoy the music Phish plays. Phish is clearly talented, but they don’t blow my hair back. Listen to what you love and don’t be a douche. Phish also isn’t the first band in existence to string a set together either. :P

          • Justin C.

            The closest thing I listen to that could be considered a jam band is The Black Crowes. But they’ll only have like one 15 minute jam in their whole set and it melts the face off anything I’ve heard from Phish. They will indeed blow your hair back.

          • Justin C.

            It’s the same with movies though dude. Or books. or going for a run, or eating…there’s some things that have a natural time limit/attention span – unless you’re on drugs.

          • Eric Rust

            Lol, THIS FUCKIN GUY starts post with “YOUR just stuck in the mindset…” ends with “intelligence reigns here”… It’s “you’re” bro..when you mean to say “you are its “you’re”. Dipshit. Now continue the circle jerk about the vastly superior intelligence of phish fans.

          • Ryan Hazel

            they aren’t all 45 minute jams.. In fact a 45 minute jam is something epic, and done extremely rarely… a 20 minute jam maybe… but its not like they take the A chord and jam on it for 20 minutes, even though you can still do that and play completely different things within that one chord… the beauty of it is the fact its being created there on the stage! It wasn’t prerecorded, it wasn’t thought of before hand, sure they might have an idea, but each note is from the heart and soul… Thats music. maybe not. if nothing else it surely is Magic! and there is no other band in the world that can compare!

          • Joe Cariola

            There are literally hundreds of bands that do this exact thing.

          • Jared

            There actually isn’t. Sure, there are lots of bands that improvise… but no band does what Phish does. Most bands that improvise extensively do so within one genre… that is, jazz, funk, blues, etc.. Phish has played everything except metal, though they have gotten spacey and dark at times. They also have a humor about them that serious jazz bands lack. I don’t know of another band that can have whole festivals just for themselves. Or another band that played chess with the crowd throughout a whole tour. They’re completely unique. It’s really hard to explain all the nuances of the band. I used to talk so much shit about them. Then I listened to them. And not just one song. I sat down with an epic live set and really listened. Listened to how they spoke to each other and listened to the peaks and valleys and the tension and release. It’s truly something magical. They’re untouched. It should also be noted that I do not like any other “jam” band and I hate the scene. I don’t have dreadlocks and I am in no way crunchy.

          • Brett Armstrong

            Wow… fuzing Jazz, funk, and blues… so they are one step above a Ska band? I’ve seen their jamming sessions, errrr, concerts… While improvisation is commendable in some areas of entertainment, a live performing band is not one of them. Once in a while they all quit trying to squeeze another solo into their 10 to 20 minute jams and create a decent melody, though the guitarist/singer would make Kurt Cobain seem like a guitar virtuoso…

            There are/have-been MANY fusion bands, Mr Bungle probably being one of the most versatile… There aren’t any other successful bands that do what Phish does, that is correct, if you mean jamming for ungodly amounts of time, eventually rolling back to the song you forgot they were playing… “Hey dude, you know that song Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd… what if we did that, for like every song… and just kinda made it up as we went? GENIUS! “…

            They built a fan base by opening for the Grateful Dead and figuring out how to sound good to the average intoxication level in the audience at that given time… It didn’t take much research though, or even preparation… come to find out that almost ANYTHING sounds good to someone having drug-induced hallucinations…

          • Elslotho

            Did you just write:
            ” While improvisation is commendable in some areas of entertainment, a live performing band is not one of them ” ?
            Without using the words comedy or MacGyver, what other area of entertainment is better suited for improvisation than a live musical performance?
            P.S – Phish never opened The Grateful Dead, or any other incarnation of the Grateful Dead

          • Brett Armstrong

            I guess I meant that they played grateful dead covers… I honestly don’t know their history as much as I thought I did. Anyway, the “drug-induced hallucinations” statement still stands.

            There are degrees of improvisation. Phish’s level of improvisation during a live performance is just a jam session with spectators… Jam sessions typically take place when a band is trying out new material or looking for new material… The live performance is after they have perfected the material. Sure, there can (and should) be improvised moments during a live performance, but Phish goes way over the line. So, they figured out how to get people to pay just to watch their jam sessions… More power to them… But for me, I would rather hear something that has been practiced and perfected, then improvisation can be peppered in for the live shows, not used to drag out a song with seemingly 2 lines of lyrics and a simple harmony into a 20-minute jam session… Maybe if/when a band does that for one song during a live performance, it can be forgiven, or maybe even be something special… When a band does it for EVERY song in a live performance, it’s monotonous and makes me think they weren’t prepared. Just my opinion.

          • The River

            Since you are so opposed to them you may not actually know a lot of phish fans, but there are definitely people who love seeing them sober, so I definitely dislike the rip that “the people there are so fucked up it doesn’t matter what the music sounds like” I think the musicians try very hard to please themselves musically and challenge themselves. If you’re a musician, you would know that you would want to challenge yourself. I think that’s a cheap burn that comes up a lot, “the fans are too high to know the difference, so the band doesn’t try” bullshit. If you’re such a musician I challenge you to learn “Reba” with three other people and play every note perfectly. That is very far from “lazy” musicianship.

          • Brett A.

            I know maybe 3 or 4 Phish fans, and none of them would dream of going to any outing sober, let alone a concert… I am no musician, but let me ask you this, can Phish play that song the same, note for note? it really doesn’t matter, my main gripe is the length of their songs, not their ability… They could be the greatest musicians ever (I know this isn’t the case, but still…) and their overly long songs would still be annoying… I can appreciate most genres of music, but I think the length of the songs and/or some of the very similar songs in their lineup turned me way off, or maybe it was the same song, I couldn’t really tell you as I sort-of zoned out like I was listening to Ben Stein teach in an 80’s John Hughes movie… Then I walked around looking at the Phreaks for the rest of the concert, not really paying attention anymore to the music or the stage… That was maybe 2 or 3 songs in, or maybe it was still the first song… I don’t remember, it just seemed like a really long time…. I hadn’t had any drugs, and very little alcohol before the the show, I figured maybe that was the problem.

          • Paul Benson

            obviously you’re not a golfer

          • carlos Javier

            Are you serious? that is common knowledge amongst phish fans? i know life long musicians some with grammy wins that do not read a lick of music.

          • Pink Freud

            B.B. King didn’t know how to play chords.

          • Sammy

            Wow, you are so far up your own asshole it’s incredible. I’m a Phish fan. I also like Opera. I bet a lot of money you’ve never at all or barely at all dipped your toes into opera. Does my love of Wagner or Puccini make me more intelligent or genetically superior to you? Because I think scholars would agree, my tastes are much higher minded than yours.

          • BlissfullyDumb

            Wagner? Egomaniac, racist junk. Hitler was a huge admirer of him, his music. You truly are with the “intelligent scholars”. Keep it.

          • Jason

            Hitler also breathed air and LOVED living indoors. We should all boycott oxygen and live outside because the racist connotations are undeniable. Pea brain.

          • Pink Freud

            Dude, you sound like an idiot. How can instrumental music be racist? And because Hitler liked something, it gets ruined for anyone else that might? We already let him steal the name Adolf from the world (not to mention whatever you call that type of mustache).

            I realize I’m opening up a huge can of worms here – whether or not art can be judged independently of the artist. But I can assure you that there are some hardcore right wing fundamentalists out there who find themselves humming along when an Elton John song comes on the radio.

          • Luke Barry

            Music as an art form is subjective. And not everybody is going to like every band or style of music. Michael1968 has an opinion about Phish’s music and you berating him for have an opinion that does not match your own which makes you ignorant.

          • Gawd

            Oh,, give it a rest you pompus douche… the only thing worse than Phish is listening to live dead shows while at the dentist…

          • Ryan Hazel

            Death metal rocks bro!!! You were probably the coolest kid in school weren’t you? Tool bag

          • dr. doom

            your mom?

          • MickeyFreakinDougal

            If you have to explain it, it’s not music.

          • Justin C.

            Face palm…I love classical music and appreciate all of it’s nuances. But I can’t stand jam bands or people like you that think you’re somehow superior because you like songs that drag on. Sure, they are talented musicians, but they’re no smarter than other musicians like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. I, probably like many other non-Phish fans, like songs that are concise, well arranged and dynamic, with a firm ending. Not this shit that you’re never really sure when it begins or ends. Nobody is listening to songs that reach them emotionally and spiritually and are wondering what scale someone is jamming on. Blaaaaaahhhhhh…I’m stupid.

          • Pink Freud

            If you think Page is concise, apparently you never listened to Zep live!

          • JD

            I don’t like Phish…because I am genetically incapable??? And if I take the time I will like/appreciate murder and banging young kids in the ass. Then your illiterate because you probably don’t like or have a grasp of quantum physics.

          • Raf

            Hey, do you like speedcore? I could sit at a speedcore event for hours and enjoy it. I also like extreme noise and other forms of extreme electronic music. Would I say that you’re too stupid to get it? No,

            “de gustibus non est disputandum”. You’re probably a crater faced teenager who thinks that you actually know something about music. To the rest of us, you just sound like a douche nozzle. Now go help your mom with dishes.

          • casprd

            don’t you mean the dominant chord? If you’re going to try to be a smart ass, at least get your music theory correct.

          • boo

            ha, since this random fucktard up here is the measure of all that’s good…

          • jim


          • VantheFunkmeister

            Berklee student here, the V chord in the key of G (i’m assuming natural) minor would be D minor. The V chord of G is also, however, irrelevant to whats being discussed here. Having a basic understanding of theory doesn’t make your taste in music better than someone else’s, so get off your god damn high horse, asshat. I’ve definitely spent A LOT of time trying to further myself musically so please don’t just disregard this as an “uninformed phish-hater” comment.
            In fact, I dont hate Phish, I just think they’re boring. our opinions differer, obviously, and thats FINE. i agree with what a lot of people on here are saying, they obviously have talent and have spent a lot of time honing their skills to get to the point where they can make a living at it. thats great! good for them! doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to like them. ask them, i’m sure they’ll agree.

            TL;DR- the 5 of G is D, and this Sybin is a pretentious dickbag

          • VantheFunkmeister

            and then i realized this comment is old as fuck

          • Markvs Augustvs

            Comparing Phish to Dostoevsky, now that’s some cultural illiteracy.

          • Jim

            Wow, it’s a person’s personal taste, nothing to do with whether the music is “good” or not, that is YOUR interpretation. Pink Floyd is known as some of the most intelligent music ever made as claimed by Steven Hawking among many others. Phish isn’t in the same ballpark as PF on a musical basis. What’s your take on PF’s music if Phish is so talented?

      • I can understand WHY some dome-heads with transparent craniums like “Captain Boday” (A recurring joke in Deep Space Nine) would like Phish, but consequently, the Phans of Phish cannot grasp why everyone else thinks they Suck!

        • tim

          They don’t think that. You just think they think that. There. Wasn’t that easy.

          • Justin Schuster

            More people like phish than don’t like phish. Just go to a concert one day and you will see. If they suck why would they sell out MSG in NYC two years running. And AA arena in Miami in 2010. I agree with tim

          • CTBill84

            “More people like phish than don’t like phish”. WOW….there is a pretty large population on planet Earth…didn’t know 51% of them are Phish Phans.

          • Pink Freud

            Dude, you realize how many people populate the planet, right? Or even just this country, if that’s as far as you can grasp.

      • jj

        Dude you’re an idiot.

      • John Hancock

        “so yeah if you can only see one side of ANYTHING, it is due to a lack of intelligence”
        What perfect logic! Yeah there’s this guy who came to my front porch one time dressed in white hood and said I should start hating all people with dark skin. I totally should start taking things from his side of view….

      • carlos Javier

        by this PRemise you should like eating Dog shit and anal penetration or are you not intelligent enough to like eating dog shit and anal penetration?

      • Justin Schuster

        That’s right my friend. I think phish like the grateful dead is too much for the unintelligent mind to handle and so it doesn’t compute. To me it sums up the universe in one show and opens door to a different state of mind. It is spiritual trancendence and that’s not for everyone.

      • Guest

        so wait…people can like to hate and kill people and i don’t understand it because i lack the intelligence in it? you’re an idiot.

      • diggs

        I know a girl that has some disorder that makes her enjoy the taste of asprin.. some love the taste of earwax.. But I am willing to bet you 99.999 members of MENSA DO NOT like the taste of either. Intellegence is not a factor, James

      • MC

        I believe that James is, in essence, claiming there’s no such thing as a trend or preference he doesn’t understand, because he’s much too intelligent to not get it. (Except, of course, the myriad things he doesn’t like. I’m sure those things are all chalked up to how stupid other people are.)

        I believe he is full to overflowing of both himself and crap.

        It’s really very simple. I don’t care for Phish in the same way I don’t care for jazz, and it has nothing to do with ignorance. It has everything to do with the way my brain processes music. I don’t deny the musician’s capability, but when you constantly and continually improvise, pattern is diminished or lost entirely. I crave pattern; a combination of repetition and comprehensible change. I feel nothing without it. Phish and improvised jazz are sounds ably played on musical instruments to me, repetitious only in its noisiness.

        I guarantee you, there are many well-educated, musically talented people who don’t like Phish any more than these many people, James. We get it, you feel something. It stimulates you. We don’t, it doesn’t work for us. End of story.

        As some internet meme once said, “I hope your insurance covers injuries sustained from falling off your high horse.”

      • Raf

        Actually no, it’s a matter of preference. As much as I like to listen to things like speedcore, or chinese folk music, or the vietnamese fiddle or new orleans’ jazz… I hate phish and I’d never see it from your perspective. I have the capacity to sit through pretty much anything but I choose not to. Perspective, just like emotions are a choice.

      • Trey

        Well clearly YOU’RE the one with the lack of intelligence, as you can’t even understand a simple post like Goodman made. He didn’t say at all that he didn’t understand ‘why other people like something’. He just made the point that some Phish fans say those who don’t like their music are intelligent enough. And he’s right. Someone being that damned condescending/insulting IS being an asshole. Like you.

        • Pink Freud

          Umm, no, ONE extremely moronic Phish fan said that. Until now, I’ve never known anyone to say it.

          Though I did once hear Bill Maher say to Ian Anderson when he appeared as a guest on Politically Incorrect, “It takes brains to listen to your music.” Being a huge long time Tull fan, I didn’t feel the urge to disagree with him about it.

      • Erin

        I don’t see anywhere in Jenn’s example where the non-Phish fan says they don’t understand why someone else likes something. Non-Fan says they don’t like Phish. Phish fan says they aren’t intelligent enough. Seems the Phish fan is the one who lacks the understanding and based on your philosophy, lacks intelligence.

      • fuckyou

        youre a fucking idiot
        just die

      • Toby Smith

        Not true, sometimes if you just don’t like something then you are not going to be able to understand why someone does. Lack of intelligence would be more like if you feel the need to try to prove that what you don’t like is invalid just because you don’t get it. Intelligence would be understanding that their is unbelievable variation in the world of humans and in the likes and dislikes of different humans and to therefore understand that just because you don’t get something, others might find it to be the greatest thing ever. True lack of intelligence is when someone becomes obsessed with ripping on something they don’t get, desperately trying to prove how its no good when in reality, it just doesn’t resonate with them.

    • Stu

      people like phish because they do lots of acid and their brains are fried…

    • mason

      because you’re not smart if you don’t like the exact same things i do*

      • Jeff Goodman

        Are you seriously correcting purposefully misspelled and malformed statements from 6 months ago? U must B smrt.

        • Babajingo

          “I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T!” – Homer Simpson.

    • Marc Ruben Bolado

      The reason I do not like Phish (or the Dead or Frank Zappa) is not every song needs to be 15+ minutes of noodley, space jams. Clearly, they are talented and that talent is wasted. I’m intellegent enough to hear musical masturbation when it’s played.

      • Pink Freud

        The thing is that not every song is nearly that long – actually only a small fraction of them.
        They actually have many, many songs that fall within the standard 3:30-5:30 range (some being as short as 1:30-2:30), which are kept that way when played live.

        And even most of those longer songs – YEM, Divided Sky, Fluff – are really just shorter songs (usually quite different from the preceding sections) strung together by segues. If they were to put two seconds of silence in between and assign titles too those sections, would you find it more bearable?

        While I prefer to disassociate myself with the anti-intellects of James and Justin, I do believe that anyone that says they hate everything Phish does probably hasn’t listened to all that much of it. Given the varied musical ground they cover – hard rock, country, jazz, barbershop quartet, bluegrass – the chances of someone disliking all of it are somewhat improbable.

  • Jeffrey

    this vid is hilarious, and I’ve got a ton of respect for Phish. I mean, let’s be honest, even if you don’t like them, you’d have to be clueless to not recognize their musical talent. All of them are seriously good players who play in many projects spanning multiple genres. Hate em all you want, but you can’t say they suck at music — they objectively do not suck. Subjectively, your opinion is valid.

    • Hoppy

      That’s exactly where I stand with the band. One of our old bandmates took us to see Phish at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta back in the summer of ’91… He was the only one among us who had heard them before, so we gave it a shot… Half of us walked out of the show as Phish Phans, I was among the half that just didn’t quite get it. I’ve always equated Phish to Rush… An assembly of musicians who ANY musician would agree are very technically gifted…. But the end result does nothing for me. They have a few tunes I thought were pretty good (Chalk Dust Torture) and have done some very good covers over the years (a friend recently played a Phish cover of The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” which was spot on – and a VERY difficult song to pull off live), but the vast majority of their original music is the audible equivalent of having a handful of hornets crammed in my ear canal…. But hey… To each their own.

  • exasperated

    Why are Phish fans so damn sensitive?

    • Michael Glazier

      Why are haters are so damn sensitive to being called idiots?

      • bobcollum

        Because an idiot calling me an idiot is extra insulting.

        • Oliver St.John-Mollusc

          an idiot calling another idiot an idiot negates the idiocy.

          • bobcollum


          • Guest

            You just blew my mind.

    • Toastyplatters

      We’re NOT!!!! GAAAah!!! (runs away and cries)

      • rob

        best response ive seen yet

  • Scooter

    I last longer in bed than I do watching this video

  • Slayer Rules

    What the hell is the drummer wearing?

    • drake

      your mother’s meat curtains.

  • Thick Accent

    there’s definitely better “shreds” videos. this was too long and boring. kind of like real Phish tunes

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  • Zayne Savall


  • Michael Glazier

    Pretty dumb Dubha. I’d work at refining your music first before making fun of a group of rock stars that have been in the game since you were a wee lil baby. NVO ain’t putting out anything that hasn’t been done before……. though the music isn’t what I’d call bad. Phish has taken the art of spontaneity and keeping their music fresh through modifying and evolving not just album to album but show to show. The boys in Phish, they are trailblazers and they will be at it long after nobody remembers who you even are.

  • Cara Ferguson

    I just looked up phish on youtube and there wasn’t a performance video (at least on the first page) that was less than half an hour. Yikes. I already lost interest before I even chose one to watch.

    • Justin Schuster

      That’s because it’s a live show. When you go to a live show you commit 8 hours to watching music and having a good time. Put the other shoe on your foot. If you paid 50$ to see a show you want a few 1hr 30min sets of good music. They keep their audience from leaving and going to the food court or bathrooms to stay in their seat and see what is going to happen next. You don’t want to miss anything cause they put on a great show.

  • vaporizer

    For the ppl who don’t like Phish Heads and Dead Heads.. can’t we all just buy a vaporizer and get stoned together ,) i was told that the music might even sound better after you have vaporized your favorite herbal smoking mixture :) maybe you should all grab a vape and give it a try………. peace n love to everyone!

  • kortec9

    this sounds like the music i actually make..i love phish and anti phish -youtube kortec9

  • dloriann

    Where can I get a dress like the drummer’s?

  • april

    This is fucking awesome! Please do another one with Widespread Panic!

  • phish phan

    this is funny, but i think it would be funnier if the blogger just posted an actual phish jam.

  • Pablo

    These comments make this video even funnier. I love phish, but different strokes for different folks. The video captures what many critics of phish have to say in a very humorous fashion. The songs are too long for many people. Hell in my car sometimes we play how many phish songs will it take to get there. Under 5 anywhere in the chicagoland area:-)

  • Able_Magwitch

    I gave Phish a chance. Went to see them twice (or was it once and it seemed like twice?) and also caught Trey doing a solo show. Hey, music’s subjective, but damn, that shit bores the crap out of me. Well done.

  • hotsacks

    totally accurate.