I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

(via @YEMblog)

  • Dcook

    This was the most stupid and not funny thing I have ever seen. It’s funny how all you haters have nothing better to do with your days then laugh at things like this and smell your mother’s underwear!~ Get a life!

  • Hahaha, for such a terrible live there sure are some people having fun. Maybe they are their for company.

  • blah

    Typical…  Phish fans listening to Phish for the pure purpose of having the ability to say they listen to Phish just so they can appear to be smarter than everyone else.  It’s pretentious, condescending, and exactly what I would expect from people who listen to this crap.

    • TheLump

      Typical…non-Phish fans not listening to Phish for the pure purpose of having the ability to say they don’t listen to Phish, just so they can appear smarter than everyone else. It’s pretentious, condescending, and exactly what I would expect from people who don’t listen to this.

  • Suzy Greenberg

    Spot on.  This is what they sounded like, back before I stopped going to shows, in Fall 1996.  They’ve improved a bit, but their core sound bit the dust, back in 2000.  Not the same band.  Not the same show.  It’s over.  ..and this is what was left in its wake.

  • violentflashmobs dot com

    LOL Phish sucks

  • Nervoushousedwellers

    Seems like someone stole the SHREDS guys idea. Funny but unoriginal. Let’s face it, those who don’t like Phish and The Dead seem to waste as much or more time trying to piss off their fans as their fans do trying to defend them. I think it’s clear that we are all wasting our time, just listen to what you lIke and let others do the same.

    • bombshellob

      Yeah, but it’s funny to make fun of Phish and their fans. It’s just too easy.

      • Hoppy

        That’s true. But name me a few of the bands you enjoy and I’m quite sure I can just as easily make fun of them.

    • Guest

      Lil WAYNE is the BEST! Hhaha!

    • BreakingDeadMen

      The Dead were cosmic messengers. The Phish have chops.

      • Ian Collins

        Chops? Are you sure they’re not cutlets?

    • doug

      It says SHREDS in the title, dummy.

    • Toastyplatters

      This is definitely worth the effort. I am a MAJOR Phish fan, and this is F’n hilAIRious.

      • adam

        my thoughts exactly.

  • Anonymous

    They’re obviously master musicians and probably intelligent to boot, but I missed the humor in it (maybe because I am not familiar with their music)

  • Anonymous

    This is hilarious.  Phish is biggest load of pathetic crap on the planet.  They suck and so do their fans.

  • I don’t get it… Phish sounds like farts to me.

    • Motopod

      smell that way too

  • Erik Troyer

    This is what this band always sounds like whether you like them or not.

    • Motopod

      I do not.

    • Arencell

      no… no its not.

      • Andy

        Come on man…you reach for an example and you chose “Sample”?!

        This is what it sounds like to people who like Phish :)

        • SNOWdar

          Really doesn’t sound much different from the parody one. Pretty much just a bunch of people wanking on their instruments with little thought to songwriting. Go find a dingy jazz club if you want to listen to some improv from people who care more about the music than the “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! ISN’T IT GREAT! AREN’T I GREAT!” 15 minute circle jerk with half ass attempts at harmony. Although, I’ll admit. The drummer is halfway decent. If he could learn to modulate his playing a bit and had some musicians that knew how to write a song and follow his lead, you might have something.

          • Sam

            Songwriting is for gays and girls.

          • Justin Schuster

            I am a proud gay songwriter. What’s it to you. I make money selling my songs. You being an asshole, how’s that treating you. I have also bedded down more hot girls than you have in your pathetic spank bank. Ingnorance is contagious on this site.

  • Fried Twinkie

    Phish has been doing musical experiments on their fans for 20+ years but my ear holes have just been raped

  • Chooseyourdestiny

    hey phuck you! you should maybe post up a real video of phish at the same venue u bitch! put up a video of what u listen to..

  • Mfmfmf1967

    I saw this a few weeks ago. It kills…

  • Taylor Atkinson

    Guess what. This isnt what phish really sounds like. this is an edited montage of random sounds of phish playing. just in case you dont know.

    Also people that really think they suck don’t know what good music is.

    • armyofrobots


  • Taylor Atkinson

    I dont even think that some of the sound clips are even from the same song

  • mark

    they were playing chalk dust

  • TheLump

    Settle down, folks. It’s just a joke. You can like them or, not as you please.

  • PhisStinks

    Peter and Lois did this bit years ago, and Seth McFarland knew what he was talking about..Phish.

  • Al R.

    This has been stated by Peter and Lois. lol

  • TJK

    Oh My God. This is too good. Like a good friend of mine once said, “Listening to Phish’s music is like watching someone who is really good at jerking off, and can’t stop.”

    • themisterlister

      *immediately buys a ticket to the next fish show*