I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

(via @YEMblog)

  • Mcgruff2121

    I love phish and this is f…ing funny! Now I know what my wife hears…

    • Fly-n-Skate

      Agreed. I’m a huge phish phan and that was a funny friggin video. You either love ’em or hate ’em.

  • knotjammy

    Yes, it’s long. But I think that’s kind of the point. This is pure genius.

  • can I get this on mp3? or cassette?

    • Brian Sullivan

      John Zorn’s Naked City: Torture Garden accomplishes this with 42 tracks, most of which are under a minute long.

  • PhishExpert88

    haha Shit.. This is actually better than Phish.

  • Sahalcott

    i know. millions of listeners are sooo wrong. that’s why all the other bands have much more enthused and loyal crowds. phish is terrible. E. A. D.

  • Anonymous

    There should have been one of these for the Grateful Dead. The first and last time I went to a Dead show I was prepared for the Greatest Show on Earth. Instead I felt like (for good reason) the only person not high in a crowd of 10,000.

  • Mitchproperties

    You all Suck. TREY RULES Please tell me how the Jonnas Brother show was!

    • opiatevader

      I don’t know, but Lamb of God Killed everyone!!!

      • Justin Schuster

        And when a psychotic raging lunatic mows down everyone at that Lamb of God show with an automatic weapon, i will be glad I was at a Phish show. and you’ll be dead.

  • Frozeneskimo313

    I like Phish, but this is still hilarious

  • IhateTools

    I don’t get it. Is this supposed to be like what talent sounds like to untalented people? If it is then I suppose it makes sense. All it did was cut up pieces of music and make it sound retarded. This is not funny at all, maybe because I can appreciate music.

  • IhateTools

    I don’t get it. Is this supposed to be like what talent sounds like to untalented people? If it is then I suppose it makes sense. All it did was cut up pieces of music and make it sound retarded. This is not funny at all, maybe because I can appreciate music.

    • Guy

      Wow and you take yourself to seriously. Phish fans are so sensitive!

  • Gracioushobo

    I really like phish but i found this hilarious…everytime trey gives that dumb looking face and is like ehhh….

  • Truckguy

    This is what Phish sounds like when you’re not stoned. You need a bong hit just so you don’t lose your patience. Like, are they going to start playing something, or are they just going to tune up for 2 hours?

    I can’t believe there is actually an organization of fans who celebrates seeing concerts sober. Those people are masochists.

    • You’re a jackass

    • Justin Fernandessp

      sorry that you arent musically intelligent enough to understand it.  I really am sorry for you.  your are missing out on a lot.

      • guest

        I’m sorry you aren’t grammatically intelligent enough to understand the English language…  YOU’RE missing out as well.

        • Guest

          You’re a dick.

        • Guest

          You’re a dick.

          • rob

            you’re a dick scott!

          • Dick Scott

            what’s a dick scott?

          • Matt Maddalena


          • mudslinger

            It’s like an ascot, but slightly different…

        • Mmann

          I honestly have a hard time understanding folks who’d rather listen to pre-packaged, repetitive pop music than something with substance, intelligence, and flow. I suppose this the same principle that created Cliff’s Notes when our society became too lazy to sit through the joy of the intended work.

          • Glenn Beustring

            people who sit through the joy of having to do what you don’t want to do are too lazy to do anything but listen to boring ass music.

          • BreakingDeadMen

            I assure you, there is a middle ground that does not include Phish. And not even to mock them; fine if you like that group, but they are not the only exemplars or the apogee of musical intricacy is all.

          • Babajingo

            “Yeah, I assure you.” – Irwin M. Fletcher

          • digitaldebris

            So you’re saying Phish has “substance, intelligence, and flow?” Hilarious!

          • River Mud

            The one time I saw Phish live, Trey played a 7 minute long vacuum cleaner solo. Obviously that’s your definition of “substance, intelligence, and flow.” The crowd went nuts. High on substance, intelligence, and flow, no doubt.

          • Jason Smith

            Fish is the one who plays the vacuum…and I am so jealous that you got to see that.

          • Pink Freud

            Then you’re one of the ones who wouldn’t mind Jon’s urine in your ear, because the vac solo is the biggest waste of precious setlist time they’ve ever come up with.

          • James Briano

            Ah, man! I saw them in Sacramento in the 90’s and they did a vacuum solo. It sucked!

          • sybin

            Its comic relief, dumb ass….

          • Pink Freud

            Upon being read to from a review saying that that at this point, Phish could urinate in their fans’ ears and the crowd would applaud, Trey replied, “That might be true.”

            Though because of they way they mix things up, you just happened to have witnessed something that takes place once every 30 shows or so. If that was the one time you saw Phish, the stars were against you, that’s all.

          • Pat Metheny

            jazz > jam rock

          • sybin

            phuck yeah!!!!

          • MusicLover9

            I am a well read intelligent woman with a Masters degree and I HATE Phish with the fury of a thousand Suns.
            Long noodley music isn’t intelligent, it’s just fucking boring. It’s one thing to hear musician’s noodling around in someone’s living room & quite another to have them musically masturbate in front of you for hours when you PAID to see them play.
            I like songs with a beginning, middle & END preferably under 7min. thank you very much.

          • Rachel G.

            I have a friend who is a well read intelligent woman with a Doctorate. Degrees don’t mean anything when it comes to musical preference. She really enjoys Phish. You obviously only care about getting to the finish line, the journey means nothing to you. This kind of music is about the journey. You don’t have to like Phish, but a truly intelligent person knows that the journey is the most important part of getting somewhere be it life, a road trip, or just a song. Relax a little, enjoy the ride. We’re just little specks hurtling on a bigger speck of flying rock through infinite space at over sixty thousand miles an hour. The endpoint is utterly insignificant in the scale of things.

          • gerry

            best answer rachel…thank you…i dont like phish all that much myself, tho they can play their instruments i suppose…. i did see them once, haverford college 89 or 90, a guitar student from bryn mawr invited me and i thought she was cute…..they just sounded like some guys having fun like a cross between the deads jammy stuff (but a little speedy and missing some of the subtleties that made that band a classic, with SONGWRITING in the traditional sense being something phish never quite got good at) and frank zappa…the guy nailed what they sound like lyrically to me and that part was funny…
            what cracks me up is anyone that has an opinion about them sucking to the point of takg it personal or conversely anyone that would think someone isnt intelligent if they dont like them…both are absurd and a good pointer to where those people are in art and life

          • logando

            this is the correct response!

          • Justin Schuster

            I believe they said they weren’t intelligent because they said Phish wasn’t any good. That they couldn’t play. I don’t think anyone is saying that your unintelligent for not liking them. But for saying that they weren’t any good or that they sucked.If you say they can’t play that is unintelligent. They are amazing musicians! no apostrophe:)

          • Troll R. Face

            We were talking about Phish, not Journey.


          • Guest

            it’s true, most idiots only enjoy the last note of a song

            these people should be shot

          • yummuder

            well said rachelg….i took the low road, and just called her out on not having a clue…but i really like what you did there…you used well formed imagery, and your own opinions to hopefully teach something to someone who perhaps thinks they are too smart to possibly learn….

          • c-bass

            How do you have a Masters Degree and still use an apostrophe to try and make “musician’s” plural?

          • Probably because the auto spellchecker in the iPhone or in Chrome does this automatically

          • c-bass

            Yes. Spellcheck automatically takes a possessive word and uses it as a plural word. Right.

            Worst answer EVER.

          • Justin Schuster

            The iPhone programmer probably had a Master’s Degree!

          • Del

            “A musician’s noodling” would work, as well as “musicians’ noodling”. The possessive works as the musician(s) owns it, so to speak. And I think Phish can play, I just don’t really like it. Now if they had a lyricist like Robert Hunter, they might have gotten me, but words are important to me and these guys just sound like Flo and Eddie without the humorous theatrics or creative writing.

          • babajingo

            “Boy. Man. God. Shit.” Deep, man. So very deep. You’re just too STUPID to understand it. It’s, like, so deep. All joking aside, I am a Phish fan that does not understand the hatred against non-fans. Who cares? Well, they do I guess. But I sure don’t. To each his/her own. Peace will never prevail on Earth if we can’t even agree to disagree about our musical preferences, one of the most subjective opinions an individual can have, methinks. And before someone gets all over me about how opinions are inherently subjective, let me say this: I understand that. I’m just too lazy to re-type this response. Deep man, that was like… so deep.

          • chvytruk

            That’s all you’ve got? She put an apostrophe in the wrong place? You are invalid…

          • c-bass

            Did you really mean “Chevy Truck?” Clever.

          • yummuder

            you are weak and petty chvytruk….unless, of course, you are saying ” from all the BS musiclover9 was spewing, the apostrophe was what bothered you”
            You ma’am….are the invalid one, chebbytruk

          • themisterlister

            maybe she went to one of those universities that don’t give out a masters in punctuation

          • fcarlisle

            It takes a Ph.D. to pluralize correctly and avoid the errant usage of apostrophes.

          • Animal

            Well, bullying sucks, no matter what your educational background. Speaking as a working musician, we appreciate our fans, and their critical input. Might i suggest you do a few minutes research on a band, before you go to pay them to ‘masturbate’ in front of you?

          • Ian Collins

            Who said it was a plural and not possessive?

          • Musical Masturbation – That’s IT. It’s also called “Diddling” – Nothing pissed me off at a band practice more than when one of the members is Noodling on his instrument. Well, Phish has made a PROFESSION out of noodling. I do not pay money to hear something that I have to put up with at band practice (Until I kick out the member that does that, which I do every time).

          • chvytruk

            And that’s why you don’t have a recording contract; you keep kicking the geniuses out of your band!

          • themisterlister

            why do you have such a stick up your ass about intention?

            what inherent benefit does a composed note have over an improvised note?

          • Justin Schuster

            You can’t play any Phish songs can you? It’s to complex to you? it’s sounds like noodling you say? If you had the capacity to play a phish songs you would see it’s not noodling. Your just jealous cause Phish makes $1 million a show. I think we have another one with nothing between their ears. Most people reject things they don’t understand. Remember Jesus? No one understood Him either.

          • Jared

            Improvisation is not necessarily noodling.

          • As long as it is within it’s proper context. I used to be in bands that all we did was improvise, our reward was we got rocks thrown at us. People really wanna hear either stuff they know, or stuff they can relate to. But making noise for 1.5 hours on Synths and Guitars with every single Digitech effect in the world, is not pleasant at all. Never liked Phish. I used to go to Jazz concerts up at UCSD, saw Cal Tjader at Grossmont. They are “Noodling”, but it is all within the HIGHLY organized structure of the songs they are playing.

          • Bigfish83

            Having a masters degree doesn’t prove anything about your intelligence. Just that you did your homework and studied. Anybody can get a masters if they try at all. Get over yourself

          • Guest

            BigFish obviously is a guy with a couple masters degrees under his belt, right?

          • sybin

            thats awesome…then go write a 7 minute song and listen to it over and over again and shut the phuck up…

          • yummuder

            (dear music lover 9) stick to reading i say……your opinion cannot be “proven”

            I’m not a huge fan of Phish, but that’s not even the point here….You are trying to draw a parallel between expression and intelligence…..There’s the first clue you may not be as smart as you say you are….I needed a good laugh..Btw…I never go to this page, and will not be checking back in to see if you came up with some “master” response……wake the hell up, and get over your self… inspire negativity, and like I opened with, you should stick to BOOKS… might be just a bit too much for you sweetie….-1,

          • Daniel Wafford

            I agree phish is like live techno

          • Justin Schuster

            A master’s degree in what. I know lots of idiots with Master’s degree’s and they are barely over 100 IQ.. The songs have a beginning middle and an end. It’s just that you aren’t intelligent enough to understand. You have a master’s degree in Bullshit. You can’t accept Phish for what it is. Music. It’s like saying Beethoven’s songs don’t have a beginning middle or an end. Some of his songs go on for 10 min.You say Phish isn’t any good but what you mean i don’t like it. Master’s Degree

          • Pink Freud

            So then classical music is out, I guess?

          • Yah? Well I don’t listen to THAT either. And, PHISH is just another PHORM of pre-packaged, repetitive pop muzak.

          • sybin

            ???????????????????????????????? what??????????????????????????????? pre packaged??? It’s never the same twice….

          • Michelle Master Orr

            Just BC I hate phish doesn’t mean I like pop crap either. I have seen them live. I like jam bands like Umphree’s. I have tried as hard as I can. I simply think they suck

          • Justin Schuster

            Umphree’s McGee sucks. They are a jam band. They are Phish wannabe’s. that got their start cause band like Phish exist. Phish is such a good band that other bands copy them!. You tried as hard as you can have you? That’s what special education kids say to their math teacher’s when they are stump on a simple problem.. I tried and tried and tried. Maybe if you were a little smarter it would click for you ..

          • themisterlister

            do you think cliffs notes were developed for people who want to enjoy works of literature but cannot find the time?

            i think you misunderstand the intended audience for that product

        • Michelle Master Orr

          Best post ever.

      • Anonymous

        Phish sucks donkey balls.  So to there fans.

        • Joshua

          You spelled “there” wrong.

          • Chris Thomas


          • Michael Glazier

            Wow, he can spell??!!

          • Oliver St.John-Mollusc

            too late

          • Devin Schumacher

            actually, he spelled “there” correctly, he just used the wrong form of the word

          • Roger Albert


        • noEFFNway

          i read it “so there, fans.”

        • themisterlister

          you spelled “Fish” wrong

        • Justin Schuster

          kitesurf4life You mean. I don’t like phish.

          Phish’s music is well written and well performed FACT

          I don’t like Phsh or their fans : OPINION

          How is that not based on intelligence. He is to dumb to know the difference between fact and opinion.

          • Ian Collins


      • John Howard

        Musical Intelligence has nothing to do with it, Phish almost always basic blues scales or chromatic stuff where you can just play any note and get away with it. Sure they’re talented musicians but that doesn’t mean people can’t think their music sucks.

        • vetipie


        • Justin Schuster

          Trey plays dominantly in the Harmonic G major scale but I can see how you might not know that. Sure some songs use the blues and chromatic scales. Can you play like Trey does? I didn’t think so . I can play like Trey and I love Phish. Say that they don’t like the music. that’s fine. But don’t say that the music sucks cause it doesn’t. there is a difference. One is a fact and one is an opinion.

          • mmmm…chocolate

            Harmonic G major doesn’t exist. I love Phish but get your musical theory right.

          • Ian Collins

            Saying that their music sucks is simply a way of expressing dislike for it, why do you take offense at that?

      • Jason

        Please with the musically intelligent enough, Its utter garbage to alot of people. If you like it, enjoy it, but dont put down people because they dont “get it” – hipster douche.

        • Col. Forbin

          “alot” is supposed to be two words.

        • Kimberly Janczak

          This looks like the comment is signed- hipster douche. hahaha.

      • McDeez

        you’re a dick, this guy’s a loser, and we’re all assholes. and phish isn’t “intelligent” music, it’s eclectic jam rock, basically like the grateful dead. jamming for 20 minutes isn’t intelligent; it’s just supposed to be fun. jamming takes a very basic, perfunctory level of skill and doesn’t require anything except knowledge of scales and a little creativity. i really am sorry for you if you don’t know anything about music and then make claims about how intelligent you are to understand phish. phish! of all bands, you’re claiming someone has to be “intelligent enough” to enjoy phish. they’re a fun band, but nobody would mistake them for nerd rock or progressive rock or anything that hasn’t already been done for 60 years. you’re missing out on a lot, chief, and the first thing is knowledge.

        • McTheseNuts

          Bullshit, they are nowhere close to the Dead, never will be. Period. Knowledge of scales and a little creativity? Just stahhhp. Don’t preach baptism in a buddhist temple McDeez

          • noEFFNway

            the dead suck too. and sublime. and blind melon. John Cage is intelligent music. i listen to “4:33” on repeat all day long.

          • Phish and The Dead, same thing – Ravenous Tea-Party style phans.

          • themisterlister

            i got lost in the metaphor, what had to happen for this comment thread to become a buddhist temple?

        • Rachel

          Love this comment.

        • sybin

          there’s a difference between playing notes in a scale and jamming. Phish changes chord progressions, keys, tempos, ect…without planning or notice. This took years and years of hard work to be able to create a musical idea in the moment and communicate it as a group. They way build tension and release it over and over again is unprecedented, even by the Dead, Miles Davis, or any of the great improv musicians.

          • Ian Collins

            Let me get this straight. You’re saying Phish are better than Miles Davis? That may be your opinion, but there are far more who see it the other way ’round…

          • Jared

            No, he said they manipulate tension and release better. And they do. Other aspects of music can be argued, but that’s something they definitely do better than Miles, and I like Miles better than Phish.

      • Matt Maddalena

        Why do you have to be musically intelligent to understand it? Can’t you just NOT like something? Surely you don’t like ALL music, right?

        • sybin

          the majority of music I like for one reason or another…but just like there’s a difference between children’s books and classic literature…there is a difference between pop music and truly innovative music that progresses the artform.

      • There is “Musically Intelligent” which Phish are NOT, and “Musical Masterbation” which Phish Performs. I don’t CARE how many notes-per-millisecond they can play, they do not do it with any TASTE.

        If you want INTELLIGENT music, Listed to the albums by Yes that have Roundabout, Close to the Edge, and Tales from Topographic oceans, which throw in music accomplishment along with musical proficiency. Just beCAUSE you can play complex scales and crap, does not mean that you do that in every song, and make those songs 7 minutes or longer.

        • Justin Schuster

          Your masturbating your mouth right now. I’m willing to bet you can’t write music or play music well. You are just ignorant.Phish will still being selling out stadiums and you’ll be selling pistachios on the train. Or posting unintelligent comments on some webpage somewhere.

      • Daniel Wafford

        musically intelligent? Who is more musically intelligent, Kurt Cobain or Trey?

        • curtii

          Trey could run circle of fifths (ha!) around Cobain’s music theory knowledge. Yes, Cobain sold more records but that doesn’t make somebody more musically intelligent. The best selling book of all time (Bible) is total fiction but believed by most to be real… sales do not equate to intelligence.

    • Adeline

      if you have ever seen a phish show.. trey NEVER tunes up. i am convinced it is magic. 

      • Daniel Wafford

        your an idiot

        • It’s You’re

          you just used the wrong “your…”

        • Pink Freud

          You won’t get a more concise example of irony than this, folks.

    • Adeline

      plus i have seen all my phish shows sober. they’re my favorite thing in the world. and if you don’t enjoy phish.. thats okay. don’t go to a show. please please please PLEASE please please don’t go to a show. we don’t want you there, man.

      • bombshellob

        don’t worry, i won’t be going. i’d rather stab my eyes with a fire stick.

        • Trey

          Please stab your eyes with a fire stick!

        • noEFFNway

          you’d still be able to hear them – stab your ears.

      • Glenn Beustring

        you don’t have to beg, we won’t go

    • willie1177

      “Tune up a lot”? Obviously you haven’t actually attended a Phish show in the past 20 years.

    • Jenniffer Parker

      I can’t imagine someone wanting to be so messed up that they can’t remember the show they paid good money to see.

    • Jodi

      I’ve been going to shows sober for many years. I was actually asked by a girl if I had any more ecstacy. The only drug I was on was the music. Sorry you’ll never get it. Meh, your loss.

    • Guest

      I’d suggest going to a show. It’s quite ignorant to judge a band based on live recordings and hearsay. If you have been to a show and didn’t like it. Then improvisational rock n’ roll is not for you. Don’t hate just because everyone else does.

    • jms

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard Phish spend more than about 3 seconds tuning onstage, so I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I suspect neither do you.

    • Billy The Kid

      you suck at music

    • jesot

      I can’t stand jam bands. Jam bands just do, on stage, what other bands do in practice. It’s stupid.

  • papyrus

    I go phishing sober and leave high as phuck

  • Funken_A

    well I always have fun at a Phish show… but this is funny

  • Kennyhaddaway

    yup…they obviously studied their Dead records…

  • Awesome music!

  • Too lengthy song, I had to stop but it was good

  • rock on bitches !

  • rock on bitches !

  • Mfauteux1

    wow whoever made this dumbass video should relize that if u knew ANYTHING about music a band like phish dont stay going strong as one of the largest and most anticipated acts for the past almost 30 years if they sounded anything like that stupid nonsense u posted here. another thing you should broaden your horizons a little..And one more thing your on the wrong webpage here justin beiber tickets dont go on sale till next month.fuckin loser

    • Noreply

      @ Mfauteux1 … You my friend, are an idiot. They sucked, suck and will continue to suck.

    • Jcdada78

      relax bud. i like phish a little bit and i think this is so hilarious. It is ok. nobody killed your mom….or ate your fractal