I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

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  • Kevin

    I suggest you go back and listen to your Justin Bieber CD collection and leave the real music to the real musicians. You dont have to like Phish as a band, but you do have to appreciate the musicianship, improv and the constant seemless blending of musical styles. PS rock and roll is truly dead if it weren’t for the Jam Band branch of the tree.

  • FredF

    Trey Anastasio would torch most modern day guitar players. His ability so solo following complex key changes as well as his ability to compliment other imembers while they are improvising simultaneously is astounding.

    I do like Phish. I like all genres of music in fact (ok, most), and was a top performer in my high school as well as went to college and took music theory electives.

    You can bash all you want, and you are entitled to your opinion, but this is a gross misrepresentation of the musical ability of Phish and their players. I’ve been to about 7-8 Phish concerts in my life (i’m no expert), but unlike other “bands” or are ear piercingly horrendous when not in a studio, these guys shine live. They are so good a lot of their “studio” music is off of one cut… they are true musicians.

    To the haters, enjoy your Miley Cyrus and no talent boy bands.

  • Eagle Lord

    That was awesome, now do The Mars Volta.


    Everyone in these comments makes me laugh, Having musical literacy does not mean you will like all music. It usually means that you can understand that the musicians are actually talented(If they are). I personally don’t listen to phish very much at all, it’s not what i typically listen to but at the same time I recognize that they are fantastic musicians

  • Stamos

    Wrong. If anything it is just a bunch of music jumbled together and not separated. This is horribly done. Bad idea

  • Chris

    Zzzzz. Excruciatingly boring band.

  • Troy Younger

    Sounds like the band on Space Ghost, Coast to Coast..

  • hater

    cannot stand this band

  • JDF

    First of all, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. I don’t like Phish because the music just sounds pompous and they try to be over complicated just because. Mozart, Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tool have all made music that is complicated, but did it in a way that made it palatable.

    • unbiasedpredisposition

      yes, phish, their live shows, their fans, their trampolines, all pompous.

  • Mike


    • unbiasedpredisposition


  • Rely

    Four insanely good musicians who have absolutely nothing to say and couldn’t write a good song to save their lives. To each his own and God love you but please, to equate your personal taste with intelligence only exposes you for the pseudo intellectuals you aspire to be.

    • Justin Schuster

      I suppose you write better songs and fill up stadiums across the country

      • unbiasedpredisposition

        I suppose you defend justin bieber also?

  • Dick

    Fish makes me sick I hate this band and the great full dead hippie garbage LSD cult bullshit fake music. You have to be on acid to like it

    • unbiasedpredisposition

      no, you have to be on ecstasy or molly to like it. the kids that like phish couldnt handle LSD and the only thing phish has to do with Deadheads or the Grateful Dead is their marketing strategy.

  • Chris Sirias

    I was in a band once that I eventually had to leave because the drummer wanted us to sound like Phish.

    • Justin Schuster

      I have a feeling they are glad you left. They probably made it big after you quit. I wonder what you do with your life now. Flog phish phans. That’s a step up.

      • Chris Sirias

        Phish fans flog themselves.

  • billy

    Phish has made some of the best elevator music

  • SuperFuzz

    Intelligence should never be associated with good music. Music should live somewhere between your chest and knees. It’s only when the brain gets in the way do we end up with, well,,. Phish for example.

    Real rock is about f**king – nothing more, nothing less. Silly white people.

  • Gregory Reagan

    Oh my God, this IS truly funny. C’mon guys…even Trey Anastasio is laughing at this.I can’t tell you how many parodies of “jam bands”, including the Dead, are out there. I don’t enjoy Phish, but regarding the turnouts at their live shows–“a million Chinamen can’t be wrong…”

    • Enzo Farnucci

      Ad populum?

  • Paul Heitsch

    Because so many people weighed in with assessments of “ignorant” or not “intelligent enough” or other, similar MacNuggets of benighted hate speech, I felt I had to weigh in as well.

    I’m a musician. I’ve been a musician for over 50 years. I’ve had 17 years of classical training (starting from age 4), and have been a working musician my entire adult life (including two years with The Second City National Touring Company as well as several professional dance and theater companies). I now have many professional interests, but I continue to make most of my living from being able to create music, both as a composer and an improvisor (I accompany modern dance classes at James Madison University, among other things). So I am quite comfortable assuming that my credentials as an informed listener are as bona fide as anyone who has, so far, posted a comment about this video.

    The last time I took an IQ test I scored 156. That was about 10 years ago, but I haven’t noticed much of a decline since then. So, statistically, until well over one thousand individuals post a comment, it is also reasonable to assume that no one here is any smarter or better educated than I am.

    I thought the video was hilarious.

    • unbiasedpredisposition

      HAHA! great comment, totally agree with the last sentence.

  • akvavit

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… what F-ing pretentious, self-righteous shit.

  • William Byrd

    Miley Cyrus is the best musician

  • Tom

    You either get it, or you don’t.