Bonnaroo Hints at Stones, Jay-Z, Bob Dylan, Furthur and More for 2010 Lineup

The Bonnaroo Music Festival has dropped some teases on its Twitter feed about their possible 2010 headliners, hinting at the Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Bob Dylan, Furthur, and possibly others.

Check out their last three status updates:

Ah, B’roo, tugging at everyone’s heartstrings via Twitter. Good stuff.

Of course, none of these hints are THAT far out of the realm of possibilities, though the Stones have been fairly persistent in saying they would not be touring in 2010. I definitely would not be surprised by Jay-Z and Furthur, but with Jay now headlining Coachella, it’ll be interesting to see how Bonnaroo differentiates itself and tries to raise the bar in 2010.

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