Phish: The Oxy Years: Volume III

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The Coventry boys just released Phish: The Oxy Years – Volume III, a compilation dedicated to the jams Phish was playing when they were all messed up on drugs. Now with album artwork…

The Oxy Years are back with Volume III. In this volume we explore more dirty jams of the oxy years starting with a Twist from Camden 2003 that clocks in at 23 minutes. This just scratches the surface of oxy moments before we are treated to the popular Tower Jam from IT. For those itching for more, we go deep into the even more popular SPAC Piper from 2004. Next I was able to inject a little oxy jam from the Coventry Soundcheck which has become one of my favorite new jams. The final track takes us back to Camden, but this time in 2004, for a dark and eerie Scents and Subtle Sounds.