Open Thread: Wayne Coyne’s On-Stage Banter Sucks. Discuss.

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The Flaming Lips, Pitchfork 2009 | ©
The Flaming Lips, Pitchfork 2009 | ©

Matt just put up his photos from The Flamings Lips at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival.

They’re must-see as always (the photos, that is), but the band is no longer retaining that status for me. It comes with a caveat now. It is “they are must-see if you’ve never seen them before and only if you haven’t seen them before.”

But even though the setlist was a bit different than normal, the overall show was pretty much the same. It had the same strengths and unfortunately the same weaknesses. On the plus side, the pluses still completely bury the minuses. The show is still an unparalleled display of wonder, highlighted by confetti, lights and giant balloons. However, Wayne still has a tendency to talk for almost as long as he sings. I’d say that they averaged about two minutes of talking between each song.

I can’t seem to get past this myself. I hate on-stage banter for the most part. But he goes on to say that he feels like it’s a nice little quirk of the band or something. What do you guys think?

  • billtheamerican

    You either love them or you hate them. If you hate them, please go away.

  • Stu Baby

    Flaming Lips are not creative anymore. Their covering the Dark Side of the Moon is blasphemy. I guess when you’re too lazy to create another album, you cover somebody else’s. Their stage antics are compensation for their lack of creativity. They’re basically saying, “We suck but hey look at these balloons and confetti.” What a lame excuse for a band. That wasn’t the case in the 90s. They were relevant then.