phish big cypress nye rumor

Given that this rumor was published on Twitter, it’s fair for me to open this blog post with something rather apropos given the medium and message.

A little birdie just told us that Phish is going to be returning to Big Cypress in Florida to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their millennium concert celebration. If this rumor gets confirmed, we’ll definitely be planning for a trip to Florida right around that time, which would also allow me (theoretically) to finally catch my first year of Jam Cruise.

I’d see the odds of this happening as rather good, especially given that the local economy already lost their beloved Langerado festival. What do you think? True? Not true?

Update: new rumors are calling for NYE in Miami, not Big Cypress.

  • togamehenge

    Not a chance in hell…but i'll be there if it goes down :-)

  • cypresswasgreatbut

    Wishful thinking — I just don't see it happening. Phish in 2009 is all about less infrastructure, and producing a concert at Big Cypress takes a lot of people and time.

  • Good possibility.

    I know a talent buyer (and Phish phan) in Miami who said the American Airlines Arena is also on hold for a Phish NYE's show. My bet is Florida for sure over the Las Vegas rumors. Thanks for the tip!

  • big cypress > jam cruise would be whatever the word is for more than EPiC

    not getting my hopes up, though

  • If it's true… I'll be there along with Disco Santa.

  • BTreotch

    If it's true… I'll be there along with Disco Santa and the Dirtiest of Doctors

  • Aaron

    I doubt they'd do a festival this close to their return. Reading over the Gordon interview in Relix would lead me to believe they are going to do this album and somewhat take it easy for the rest of 09'. That doesn't mean it's possible but I'd say three shows in Miami at the Airlines Arena is more doable. I'd much rather the fest to be honest :)

  • Tray

    100%. kangfirmed.

  • stan

    i say doubtful. the band acknowledges that cypress was their finest hour — impossible to prevent comparisons between a would-be 2009 show and the 1999 show that was. unlikely that they'd set-up such high expectations, for their fans and for the band itself, less than a year after returning.

    [disclaimer: i really want them to play MSG so i can go.]

  • Paul

    Really hope they do the AA Arena, rather than Cypress.

  • If someone posts it on Twitter it must be true.

  • I’m not sure why anyone would actually doubt this among everything else the band has announced this year. They were banned from Red Rocks. I confirmed with John Langenstein in person at Alpine Valley ’04 backstage. And yet they announced a four-night run like nothing ever happened.

    So for me, I have hope that something like this is actually very close to something Phish would consider a reality.

  • Jeff

    If it’s Cypress, I’ll make the “pilgrimage” – and not to compare, but to re-unite with people from all over and celebrate was is still *my* favorite concert experience of all time. Better that than the TX rumor, IMO.

  • Luke

    It’s happening for sure. I’ve been hearing this rumor for weeks. Same reliable sources that told me about Hampton and Red Rocks months before the official announcements. It makes sense too. Why wouldn’t they do it?

  • I agree that it’s a long shot (but it’s still fun to speculate!).

    I agree with stan. Mainly, think the band has always acknowledged that this was a special one-time event that could never be replicated. Also, I don’t think Phish has done all that much in terms of celebrating their own anniversaries. They’ve always wanted to branch out and do something different, rather than simply re-visit past high points of their career.

    I could see them doing a nice NYE run. I def. think Miami would be in the running (they seem to be digging the multi-night runs). I’d much prefer they bring the ruckus back to NYC and play MSG, but that’s just me being selfish (since I will be in NYC by then!).

    • Yeah, but they also held a 20-year anniversary show and celebrated with a half hour montage.

      I just think there’s easily as many reasons why the band would say “let’s do it, and let’s do it down in florida again….” as there are reasons they would say “let’s not and say we did.”

  • Zack M
  • Mikey P

    No way. Big Cypress is an empty field. It takes way too much lead time to plan something that extensive. I would believe a Florida New Year’s run though.

  • Mikey P

    No way. Big Cypress is an empty field. It takes way too much lead time to plan something that extensive. I would believe a Florida New Year’s run though.

  • Markshark

    The word is 4 nights Miami nye

  • Markshark

    The word is 4 nights Miami nye